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Water System No. : CA4800561 Federal Type : C
Water System Name : SNUG HARBOR RESORT State Type : C
Principal County Served : SOLANO Primary Source : GW
Status : A Activity Date : 03-22-1979
Distribution System Classification : D1 Max Treatment Plant Classification : T1

NOTICE TO USERS OF THE DATABASE: Users of this database should use care in interpreting these data. Data that does not meet Division of Drinking Water (DDW) data quality objectives is not included and the provided data may not be representative of water served by a water system. For example, the presence of a contaminant in a particular source of water at a given concentration does not necessarily mean that the water from that source was served by the water system to its customers, or, if served, that the contaminant was present at that concentration. Water systems may not use certain sources or may treat or blend them prior to serving the water to customers.

Questions about contaminants in particular sources are best addressed by the specific public water system, or by the associated DDW district office.

Monitoring Results for Individual Sampling Points

Please click on a PS Code below to view the monitoring results associated with it.
PS Code = Primary Station Code; used by laboratories to upload water quality data
WQM PS Code = (Water System Number)-(Sample Point ID)
CLIP PS Code* = (Water System Number)_(Facility ID)_(Sampling Point ID)
*CLIP PS Code = PS Code to be used by laboratories to upload water quality data when CLIP (California Laboratory Intake Portal) is implemented; estimated launch date mid- to late-2020.
**Please refer to the Stage 2 DBP Monitoring Plan Approval Letter for full sample point names.